To increase cyclists satisfaction by improving quality of biomechanics
We provide training, technology and science-based services. Under a global, objective and independent vision we meet cyclists needs as well as the bike fit professionals'

Ekib Bike Fitting is formed by a multidisciplinary team of leading professionals in its sector: engineers, designers, physiotherapists, trainers ... all of them led by Pedro de Arriba.

With more than 12 years of experience in the world of bike fitting and with a broad background in sports science and high performance, Pedro has developed a deep understanding of the cyclist and his needs, becoming an international benchmark for the sector.

Throughout these years we have helped develop some of the most powerful bike fitting tools and systems on the market, we have formulated new theories that support this science and we have worked with some of the best professional cyclists and triathletes in the world, such as Mikel Landa, Alejandro Valverde, Nairo Quintana, Javier Gómez Noya or Clemente Alonso McKernan.

Nosotros Ekib
"We use Ekib360 from Ekib Cycling and we have very good experience with the system. We were looking for an independent and objective system and that's really what it is. The Ekib Cycling staff visited our company in Germany to install everything and to show us the complete workflow. That was perfect and is of course necessary to get into such a complete and scientific tool. For us the system was one of the best investments. The avatar and the very good report helps us a lot to transfer / visualize the complete biomechanics of cycling to our customers"
IQ Athletik
Sebastian Mühlenhoff / Frankfurt / Germany
"If you are going to make an investment of fit work? Don’t you want the best? The experience of your fitter and the SOFTWARE are equal parts in success. Ekib 360 full body 3d software is the tool to choose.

Many more important metrics than most other tools. Hip setback, pelvic rotation, foot tilt, 100 frames a second, are just some that others do not provide. Prove the work, no smoke no mirrors no iPad program. Get what you pay for."
Fit First Solutions
Tim Dougherty / New Jersey /USA
Cultura Ciclista
Andrea de Silvestris / Ciudad de Guatemala / Guatemala
"We decided to attend the Ekib Cycling training because it is a reference for theoretical and technological development in the cycling biomechanics field and because of its specific bike fitting methodology.

During the training process, we have been able to see and test first-hand tools that are world-leading and are constantly updated."

Cristian López y Josemi Jiménez / Cáceres / Spain
Ekib Bike Fitting

At Ekib Bike Fitting we work with popular and professional cyclists and triathletes. Being located in some of the best destinations for cycling allows us to maintain close contact with them, day by day.

In addition, we are fortunate to have a wide network of the best professionals and bike fitters in the world. Our collaboration has made possible the development of a technology and a work methodology that aims to solve all your needs.

We are not only an education and technology development company. Our passion for cycling, direct contact with the client and research in biomechanics makes us the most complete option.